Saturday, 17 March 2012

Quarter Mile - Clash of Style

From one side...

... or the other

...this is an abomination. No wonder UNESCO has threatened to withdraw Edinburgh's status as World Heritage Site when this plan was approved back in 2008.

They backed down, but I wonder if they regret that now!

the new blocks are just plonked between the Victorian blocks of the old Edinburgh Royal Infirmary  effectively doubling the concentration but without the slightest concern for "fitting in".

The modern dominates:

The latest phase looks worse than the rest:

Whatever this is, it's not "sympathetic".


  1. The latest phase is indeed astounding.
    Glad you didn't get a photo of me running in the Meadows!

  2. Considering it replaces two story terraces, and the St Thomas's School development on the other side of the road reflected this when it was built a decade ago and is now overshaddowed as a result. It seems the height reference they have used is the height of the chimneys above the modern NHS block at the TOP of the hill. Astounding is the word!

    I always find figures give a sense of scale in architechtural pictures, don't you?