Thursday, 14 June 2012

Carrying a Torch

Anyone who thinks the Olympic Torch has had a lukewarm reception in Scotland is mistaken.

Norman's Picture
 So many people turned out that I couldn't find a vantage point. So I've borrowed Norman's picture. (He was only about 50 yards away)
My picture of the torch

The same street corner 1/2 an hour earlier

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dull - but not Boring

Today was a special day for several reasons: 

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 
My Birthday
Our First Munro   see Munros
The village of Dull "sistering" with the town of Boring   see Dull and Boring

On our way to our chosen Munro (Schiehallion) we happened to pass said village. It didn't bode well:

OFT Compliance in action

On arrival at base camp the weather was... dull

However we are not ones to grouse - as we reminded by this pair we met on the way:

Grouse - Shot of the Day?
Shiehallion has at least one false summit

 but you can tell the real one because by that stage it looks like the Moon's surface. (There are people on the summit and one on the approach in this picture)

When we got to the summit a kind fellow walker offered to take our picture together

Toby did particularly well on the rock scrabbling as he is profoundly blind.

Around the bend

Snow in June

The way up looking back


All in all a very memorable day!