Saturday, 31 March 2012

Neglected Portals

There's something about a doorway. Even if,  especially if, it has fallen into disuse.  Here's some of my favourite Edinburgh portals with changed uses :

My personal vote goes to this gateway in Colinton Road:

Just up the road, and probably of more historical significance are the two lions couchant of Merchiston Castle, home to the Napier family and now Napier University. The gateway has been moved from it's original location and is no longer used.

One that is used a lot but looks a bit fragile and neglected is the entrance to Greyfriars Kirk Yard of "Greyfriars Bobby" fame.

Here a recent translocation. The Edinburgh Meat Market moved out to Sauchton and has since moved on again, but the old entrance has been restored  and relocated so as not to impede the "Exchange" development. It looks a bit redundant I would say.

Another very recent development has been the Museum of Scotland.  The steps lead to the old entrance, now nailed shut. The lower ground level entrances take you in conveniently through the museum shop.  Much better for wheelchairs and buggies.

Old Museum Entrance

My last portal is one which has been lovingly restored at the cost of millions. Once again it goes up and down to allow canal boats entry to Lochrin Basin.  Before it was fixed and no longer locked in the down position there used to be a through road across the bridge which was a handy route if you knew it. vehicular access was stopped when the bridge mechanism was restored.

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