Thursday, 17 May 2012

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle - The Half Moon Battery

There's no denying the power of Edinburgh Castle

Tattoo Seating from the Grassmarket

Right now preparations are under way for the Military Tattoo. The seating arrangements are like building a stadium on the Esplanade, but they are only there for three months each year.  The buses pass our house each night to drop the performers off and bring them back to barracks each night.

Sometimes it seems the castle is around every corner.  The other day, when it was windy,  there was a workman on the scaffolding up by that flagpole!


  1. We noticed the scaffolding and other stuff going up at the castle a couple of weeks ago. Very early we though. I wonder if perhaps they're planning to us it for other events beforehand - perhaps Jubilee or olympic related.

  2. Now that you mention it Sandy, this is WELL in advance of the Festival!. Perhaps Cliff is doing another concert?